Bothell Tots

Licensed In-Home Early Education and Care      

Day, evening, night, weekend Care for kids,Lynnwoo

Jason and Kikki together
After many years of dreaming and wishing, we made our dream happen, together - in our home! 
As natural born caregivers, in home child care/preschool/kindergarten readiness program was a long-standing interest and has since become a passion of ours. Our enthusiasm for care-giving of little ones is relentless, as is the energy they bring.  

We have three of our own children. Our eldest daughter was born March of 1995, Our second daughter was born May of 2009 and our youngest, a son, was born December of 2014. Being parents is the best job in the world and it gets even better when you can be a parent more!

Brenna, Shayla and Jason Jr.
  • Nonexpiring full license WAC 170-296A-1450
  • Orientation  WAC 170-296A-1125
  • Early Achievers!
  • Household background checks WAC 170-296A-1200
  • First aid and cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) certification WAC 170-296A-1825
  • HIV/AIDS training--Bloodborne pathogens plan  Certified WAC 170-296A-1850
  • Tuberculosis WAC 170-296A-1750
  • Basic twenty-hour STARS training WAC 170-296A-1910
  • Helping children control anger and handle disappointment
  • Social and emotional development for early learning
  • Classrooms planned for learning
  • DEL inspections WAC 170-296A-1410
Jason and Nikki out and about
Volunteer experiences:
1994 - Nikki volunteered for the American Red Cross during the year long forest fire rescue and reconstruction. This was the first year of Infant, Child and Adult CPR/First Aid certification.
2000 - 2011 - Nikki was class mom/volunteer for our oldest daughter’s classes. Volunteered for as many school functions, tutoring and field trips as possible. 
2005 - Nikki volunteered at the Seattle Juvenile Detention Center. 
2007 - Nikki volunteered for the Snohomish County Center for Battered Women shelter.
Jason and Nikki LOVE

2007 - Nikki received a BSHS - Bachelor of Science in Human Services and Bachelor of Science in Business Management. This was the perfect selection for studies. Human Services degree helped Nicole as a parent to keep sharp with nutrition, adolescent behavior, care giving of others, and overall how to be a better parent, wife, family member and friend. The Business Management degree has helped with all business aspects.
We have worked in a variety of industries and fields and we like to consider ourselves as well rounded, open people with a passion for life and care-giving of children.
2000 - Jason received an Associates degree.

WE JUST LOVE ALL OF OUR KIDS, as if they are our own!!! :D
Jason and Nikki going on a date night

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