Bothell Tots

Licensed In-Home Early Education and Care      

Bothell Tots Childcare Developmental Objectives

Exploration and Fun equals Education

We believe~ 

No one element of childhood development or education is more important than the other. We will teach your child much more than just the academic element that centers focus solely on. 

Having patience must be instinctual

We understand~

Each child's development is highly individualized and excels in learning different skills at different times. We are here to help enhance all skills and celebrate skills achieved rather than force a certain set of skills by a certain age. 

Team work, collaboration, social skills, Sharing

Objectives and Dimensions of Curriculum for all ages~

Setting the foundation for an all-inclusive early education

  • Bond between caregivers and child
  • Social-Emotional behaviors
  • Physical Education
  • Language Arts
  • Cognitive Learning
  • Literacy Comprehension 
  • Mathematics Comprehension
  • Responsibility
  • Awareness of self and others
  • Family and cultural awareness
  • Relationship building
  • Communication
  • Independent thinking 
At the end of the day it is about helping your child understand the world around him/her and the roles he/she plays in it for everyone involved. 

Large Motor Skills work
Types of Educational Material Used~
We believe your child may learn from different sources than others so we teach using many different types of aids such as:
Flash cards, books, DVD’s, CD’s, posters, hands on activities, role modeling behaviors, actions and direction, toys, outside...

Parenting with love and logic

Teaching Sources~

  • The encyclopedia of Infant and Toddler Activities: For Children Birth to 3 by Kathy Charner
  • My baby can read (DVD, flash cards and books) by Robert Titzer Ph.D
  • Your child can discover (DVD, flash cards and books) by Robert Titzer Ph.D
  • Starfall Pre-k online program
  • Teach my toddler’s materials and online program­­
  • Snohomish County Library monthly PRE-K renewal subscription
  • Love and Logic for toddlers by Foster Cline M.D.
  • Montessori guidelines 
  • Washington State Department of Early Learning: Child Care Center Licensing Guidebook
  • Washington State Early Achievers: Preparing Children for Success in School
  • (NAEYC) National Association for the Education of Young Children - Promoting excellence in early childhood education
  • And much more
Happy motor skill development

Infant milestones we work on - Birth to 12 Months   

Sucks fingers, hands, and other objects, responds to his or her name, grasps and releases objects, observes hands and clasps them together,  can switch items from one hand to the other, can effectively grab and get to what he or she wants, can hold own bottle, can feed self, can pick up diced foods, begins drinking with a tippy cup or straw, knows the difference between familiar people and strangers, vocalizes with vowel and consonant sounds, sits without support, pulls self to stand, crawls, anticipates being lifted or fed, tries to cause things to happen, begins walking, attempts climbing, can solve simple problems, uses single words

Education for toddlers

Milestones and preschool - Younger Toddler (1 to 2 years old) Puts large pegs in holes, turns book pages two or three at a time, points to familiar objects upon request, drinks from a cup, walks alone, shows interest in peers, identifies basic body parts, combines two to three words to express ideas, feeds self with a spoon,  can play independently and with peers, has basic self-awareness, uses names of self and others, walks up and down stairs, scribbles and imitates horizontal strokes, stacks six or more blocks, begins understanding make-believe, begins to use imagination, begins to act silly, can control tone of voice, can solve more complex problems, begins to understand size differences and spatial differences, can be gentle, can follow simple instructions, is confident and okay with in being by one self and out of parent or caregivers arms long enough to enjoy surroundings and explore   

Preparation for gradeschool

BOTHELL TOTS Formulated Kindergarten Readiness Program - Beginning at age 3


  • Interacts well with others
  • Participates in group activities
  • Keeps hands to self
  • Respects other’s personal space
  • Respects the rules of the school
  • Shows self-confidence
  • Takes care of one’s own needs
  • Covers coughs and sneezes
  • Wipes nose with tissue
  • Knows how and when to wash hands
  • Practices good hygiene
  • Can play independently
  • Shows comradely skills
  • Shows self-awareness
  • Takes responsibility for actions
  • Understands when to use potty
  • Can communicate feelings
  • Can communicate productively


  • Listens attentively
  • Follows simple directions
  • Handles materials carefully
  • Has good clean-up habits
  • Can sit still for short periods
  • Uses table manners
  • Work projects in tidy manner
  • Takes initiative to participate
  • Respects toys and furniture


  • Fits small items together
  • Holds pencil/crayon correctly
  • Uses scissors effectively
  • Uses glue effectively
  • Can print first name
  • Can jump/hop/run


  • Shows interest in books/stories
  • Shows interest in circle time
  • Answers questions about stories
  • Retells familiar stories
  • Shows interest in writing
  • Dictates sentences to be written
  • Writes using pictures/symbols/letters
  • Identifies same and different
  • Recognizes own name in print
  • Identifies upper case letters
  • Identifies lowercase letters
  • Uses a wide variety of prepositions
  • Can read at least five site words
  • Can recite the ABC’s
  • Can trace letters, numbers, shapes


  • Can identify current weather
  • Knows the days of the week
  • Knows the four seasons
  • Knows the month in the year
  • A sense of what time of day it is
  • Begin reading the clock
  • Name the main body parts
  • How to be a role model


  • Compares quantities of sets
  • Sorts objects by color
  • Sorts objects by shape
  • Sorts objects by size
  • Identifies 8 basic colors
  • Identifies 8 basic shapes
  • Verbally counts forward to 50
  • Counts 1-50 objects
  • Identifies numerals 0-20
  • Arranges size in order
  • Makes simple patterns
  • Identifies large vs. small
  • Gauges what will fit in a space

We are an all-inclusive child care, daycare, preschool with pre-kindergarten curriculum and we serve infant, toddler, preschool ages as well as school age. We provide day care, evening care, night care and weekend care.