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Testimonials of Bothell Tots

I was referred to Bothell Tots by a friend who used their services and loved them. My daughter had never been in child care before so I was nervous about separation anxiety. My worries were completely unnecessary because my daughter felt immediately comfortable and at ease. She couldn’t wait to go back every single time! We knew she was safe and loved. I would recommend Bothell Tots a hundred times over. They truly love and cherish the kids in their care.                                                                                                                             Riika J. December 11, 2017

We loved Bothell Tots! Our son was placed in the care of Nicole and Jason at three months old and we were confident that he would be well taken care of. They treated him as their own and when he wanted to be held all day long, they were able to cuddle him like we would. As first time parents, they were able to offer us some good advice on certain things and they had hand outs to give us as well. Our little baby was sent home with fun things, like a Halloween pumpkin with his tiny hand print, so cute! We are so grateful that we were able to find a great home, with two caring parents, who treated our son as their own. Had we not moved, we would still have him in their care. They are truly an amazing team of caregivers and multi taskers.                                                                                                                     
                                                                                                                                       Tanya and David May 23, 2016
I did a lot of research before placing my daughter in care as an infant. Over the past 2 years, Bothell Tots has exceeded my expectations on all levels. Nikki and Jason (and Brenna and Shayla!) provide a loving home environment but with set rules, regulations, and a schedule that provides a positive and safe setting for educational and emotional learning. They really care about each child and their family, and do their best to accommodate individual needs. I feel that they really helped in raising my daughter and I am forever grateful. 

Kendra B. July 6, 2015

We want you to know that we are very grateful for everything you guys have done for our family. We love how you guys run everything and would recommend you to any of our friends.

Shiree H. March 13, 2015

I have never had to worry about her being in good hands while I am away. She always comes home happy and tired, and I can see at drop offs how comfortable she is around you both. It is difficult to find this level of care, especially being in the industry and hearing the horror stories. :)

Alexa S. February 16, 2015

He really seems to enjoy you two and to has made friends. We have enjoyed watching him grow, develop, and learn under your guidance. We have appreciated your flexibility (especially, in the last few months) and most importantly, your care.

Angela C. August 19, 2014

Bothell Tots is AMAZING!!! 
Bothell Tots was our first experience with childcare as our first child never went, so we were nervous as to what to expect. But Nikki and Jason, along with Brenna's help, put our minds quickly to rest! They are awesome with kids and you can just tell upon meeting them that they truly love children. Nikki is like a mama bear, loving and protective and Jason is just a big teddy bear. Our daughter started going when she was three months old and left at one year, only because we moved out of state. We would have stayed forever if we could! We truly appreciated knowing that our baby was being loved and looked after by this family. We can only hope that we find such amazing child care in our new home. Thank you so much to the whole Reed family! Riley misses you already!!

- Judy A. July 28, 2014

I'm a first time mommy who had great anxiety even imagining someone else spending the day with my baby. I researched and my husband and I found Bothell Tots and a weight was lifted off our shoulders. We both immediately felt comfortable with both the family and the environment. My baby is always happy and well taken care of. I truly feel that her best interest is at heart and she is not "just another child". It was a blessing finding this unique "school" as we like to call it and I wish every child this amount of attention and love.

- Angela L. January 14, 2014

Bothell Tots has got you covered giving your children Love and constant attention, and stimulating their senses with learning, games, fun and healthy foods/snacks! Nikki and Jason Reed primary caregivers have tons of experience, certifications and most importantly TRULY love children. Have no fear (only peace of mind!), leave your child with BOTHELL TOTS! You'll be SO glad you did!

- Kathy S. November 2, 2013

I just wanted to let you know that you guys have been absolutely wonderful with Anthony and Norah and I really appreciate that. It is so nice not to have to worry on top of missing your children all day. Thank you for that!

Ang C. April 2, 2013

By far the best child care I have ever had my kids attend. After going through several daycare's due to either moves or poor care my husband and I are finally happy and most importantly the kids absolutely love it. They are treating our kids with lots of love and teaching life lessons which for me are the most important. My kids have always had a complain about every daycare they had been in prior and the only complain I get from the kids now is " I don't want to leave daycare" This is a beautiful home with beautiful family that I love and adore.

- Linda C. March 14, 2013

amazing place! my kids love going here. they are so excited to get ready to go to "nikki's". both her and jason are great with the kids. they give them more one on one attention than any corperate day care could ever do. i also felt like they learned more here then any overly structered enviroment that the major corperation day cares. I would recomend this place to anyone who wants a trust worthy day care that you feel comfortable leaving yours kids at and will truly make the children happy.

- Nikki P. January 14, 2013

Absolutely Amazing!
Nikki and Jason are so very caring and do a great job teaching the children while letting them enjoy being kids.  We moved here from out of state and they quickly became our go to people for everything that we needed help with.  Our 3 year old daughter loves going there to the point of sometimes crying when its time to go home:). They truly love each and every kiddo there and we are fortunate to call them our friends!

- Chris K. February 7, 2013

I HAD A DREAM... As to Martin Luther King Junior is to my Mother. Martin had a dream that all will be one and not just in the future, he believed that it was being started. My Mother believed and still believes that when one thing is done it will be continued, such as a goal. When Martin set out to do something from the littlest thing to help set a foundation to something bold and great to throw him into the next chapter with the world, he did it. Yeah, I can definitely put my Mother's level of accomplishments and things she did right next to Martin's list. Because of her every goal in my 17 years of life have been caught, washed, polished, and put on the shelf of accomplishments. I even wanted to be a brain surgeon once, I believe I was in sixth grade at the time. She taught me how to make a decision for myself and how to stand up for myself without doing it for me, being a brain surgeon is what I wanted to do. When you have a Mother such as her (my Mother) you expect things out of yourself, and I expect everything out of myself. Today my goal is to be bigger and better than Picasso ever was. What does that say about my Mother? To me I'm the world and she's Martin L. King J. and she has prepared me for what I am to become.

- Brenna R. DAUGHTER March 20, 2012

Nicole is amazing with all of her children at bothell tots and treats each child as if they were her own. Nicole is patient and very loving with every child that comes through the door and at the end of the day she is sad when they leave. Out of all her careers this has been the only one where she wakes up every day with a big smile on her face. If you want top notch care and education for your child this is the place to be. If you want mediocre service and care for your child this is not the place :)

- Jason R. January 13, 2012

The level of attention and personalization my infant daughter receives at Bothell Tots is unmatched. I couldn't ask for a more caring and fun provider. The home space is warm, inviting and perfect for a child any age. As a first time working mom, Bothell Tots understands my need to see my smiling baby daily with a mobile picture. I know she is achieving her milestones with the help of her provider which makes me feel completely content.

- Melissa R. December 3, 2011

This is more than an opinion, this buisness is amazing. My mother treats these kids just as a grandmother would with her beloved grandchild. To be honest I could almost say that just about every child care (home-run or/and center) could not possibly give as much needed care and attention as my mother does. I can talk from past experiences from my childhood, I would call this heaven for children. She is an amazing care giver, from experience as well :)

- Daughter, Brenna R. October 4, 2011

My daughters are at Bothell Tots one day a week. They absolutely love going. Every Monday they grab their back packs and are ready to go. Ms. Nikki is absolutely wonderful with all the kids. Very kind and loving. My girls came home with pictures this week and they were beaming. I've never had my children in daycare before and I was really nervous. Seeing them so excited has washed all nerves away. Bothell Tots is a great place.

- Kelly U. September 3, 2011